Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Lady in the Portrait

A beautiful work of art
She pose engraced
Like all life’s aches
Are hemmed within

Though only a pose,
She smiles naturally, always;
Gracefully preserved
On a piece of canvass for time
She teaches me how to smile
Every morning;
How to sleep every night

Why do I gaze upon her?
I hardly can tell
But I have never seen her frown,
She’ll never break my heart
For she is just the way
Someone saw the world;
Just the way I’d love it to be.

Forgive and Forget

Is this even possible?

A lot of people have given up on this.

Many still wonder how they can possibly forget an offence committed against them, but that is because we often interpret the saying without actually looking at the bigger picture
“Forgive and forget not the offence but how many times you have forgiven others”.
So you see, its possible to forgive and forget.


Get Rich Quick: Questions you should be asking

You may not like to think of yourself as a desperate right now, but if you looking for quick money online, you may like the way I put this but ‘you are a desperate person’.

Desperate people like you would about sell anything even if they don’t believe in it themselves so-long-as some desperate enough to buy is out there; you.

Now, you should be asking yourself these questions:
· Why do I have to buy this?
· If it is so lucrative, why can’t it be free?
· If it is so lucrative why share (we know they won’t just share)?
· Does the person claiming to be giving this away even believe in it?
· Everybody wants to be better than someone else, why is this one sharing wealth ideas?
· Why share ideas instead of money if you have made so much?
· Why is someone (a total stranger) so eager to help out

The truth is a good marketer can make you buy anything. Someone once wrote, I can’t remember who but he said “a good marketer can sell ice even ice to the Eskimos”. In other words, a good marketer can even buy a worthless piece from you and turn around and sell it to you at an exorbitant price.

things you should look out for
· You are made to believe you are so special by someone who doesn’t even know you.
· You are made to believe that someone has a solution to your very problem(s) whereas that person is as desperate as you are.
· You receive a very special e-mail that seems to be composed specifically for you but that same mail may have been sent to over a million other innocent people like yourself.
· Get Rich Quick: They know what you are looking for and how they can get to you.
· You receive a mail that talks of how someone else made a huge amount of money using a particular program yet the writer never says how the same program has helped him.
Before you spend your hard-earned dough on any quick-money program, you should be able to ask and provide answers to these questions or ask for help. Someone somewhere would always share their bad experiences and advice you in earnest.